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Tuesday, 10 June 2008

DIA 221 - India's Beauty Secret

Road Hotel - Chandidgarh Dd = 39 Km Dt = 8063 Km

India's beauty secret is the sari. Indian women wear saris, not just on special occasions, but all the time. These saris splash the street with colour: deep yellow, crimson red, peacock blue. Everything is grimy, the heat is almost unbearable, the humidity is around 150%, the cow pats are multiplying before your eyes, the men look like they have been taking a snooze in the gutter...and the women look as fresh as flowers. The traditional sari reveals a layer of flesh beneath the bust, and this flesh often rolls forth, revelling in its freedom. Many older women choose this style, and younger women often opt for a loose tunic and pants suit with a long scarf to wrap around the head as the situation - or sudden bursts of modesty - demand. It is refreshing that the women have decided not to follow the dictates of Western fashion and, instead, garb themselves according to their own customs. Girls are free to wear Western clothes, and some girls do dress in jeans in particular. But it seems that Indian fashion very much centres on the sari, and the women take their responsibility of making India beautiful very seriously.

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