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Monday, 7 January 2008

DIA 65-66 - Caotica Bangkok

Ranong - Bangkok

The arrival to BKK was like arriving to no other place in the world. The pollution and traffic was like any other city with a 6 million population, but nothing compares to Koa Son Rd. Koa Son is tourist central. Cheap Asian goods, bars, food and a 24/7 lifestyle that has no concept of morning or night.

My plane arrived at 12am, so by the time Diego and I settled in to our hotel (really cheap and noisy with bed bugs that tattooed the experience on my body like a sporadic henna tattoo gone wrong) and caught a bite ($0.50 pad Thai and a $0.20 banana pancake), the morning was upon us. For a couple of days we sped white knuckled and breathless navigating via the Thai tuk-tuk before we realized that taxis are best. We learned the in and outs of bargaining, marveled at the sights, palaces and markets and pained our bodies with the experience of a Thai massage.

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Anonymous said...

Pero qué bien os lo estáis pasando. Gracias mil por compartir vuestro viaje y transmitirnos mucha alegría! Se os ve muy bien y eso es lo importante. Ánimo con todo y no dejéis de soñar.
Besos desde Zaragoza de Sipán family.