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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

DIA 95 - Chicken feet please

Boten - Meng La Dd = 58 Km Dt =3972 Km

Chinese cuisine has conquered the western world and is well known to any city dweller for its Kung Poa this and Sweet and Sour that. Arriving to Yunnan we have found the real deal and to our pleasant surprise it is not all two/four legged, but also photosynthesizes!
Every corner of your standard Chinese restaurant is well equipped with a shelf head high and loaded with a colorful assortment of veggies from standard greens to Chinese rarities. The communication barrier thus requires a tour round the kitchen and into the cupboards, pointing out the taste of the day. In no time we have plates of steaming greens, garlic corn, eggs and tomatoes... and for the meat eaters... a bowl containing the good the bad and the ugly.

The hungry cyclists anticipate the plates that arrive, flavoring the air with little whiffs of heaven. Suddenly, from under the sauce, the less desired appears. Chicken Surprise!!! Three times in 24hours! Bonny heads and legs tell stories of muddy days and scratching grounds.

Chicken Leg soup for breakfast, Chicken Leg soup again for lunch, and Chicken Leg salad for dinner (never by intentional petition or nomination). Apparently a Chinese favorite, you can buy processed and sealed Chicken parts in any store around. I guess the Chinese cuisine is infamous for a reason.

Overall consensus says... Good going Chinese! We like your food, but for now, we have decided to eat vegetarian.

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