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Sunday, 2 December 2007

DIA 26 - Terima Kasi ABC

Iboi - Banda Aceh Dd = 27 Km Dt = 1339 Km

"When the bikes met each other"

Our last night in Indonesia couldn't have been better, couldn't have been more special.

The plans had changed a hundred of times in the last 2 days. We were in Banda Aceh riding every single street looking for boxes to pack the mules when the"angels" from ABC (Aceh Bicycle Community) appeared. We were about to give up but they got boxes for us straight away, then they asked us to join the community meeting that was happening that evening. Of course we accepted more than happy.

Once in the meeting we met a lot of the great and nice members of the ABC finding out about ABC activities. ABC organises bike trips almost every weekend around Banda. In many events throughout the year promotes and supports bicycle as a daily mean of transport because bikes save our money, our health and our earth. We told about spanish bikes events and superpedaletos adventures and dreams. We were not allowed neither to pay dinner nor drinks.

After the meeting, Brata (Brett) hosed us at his place. We kept talking to him and Kun Kun until late and we were granted with 2 beautiful ABC t-shirts. Next morning "The General" and Kun2 gave us a lift to the airport.

We said many times "thank you very much" but probably it wasn't enough.



nataly said...

Mubuenas Superpedaletos, ¿Alguien me puede traducir el cartel "Namo yang ....horus....penumpag"?
La prueba en inglés la he superado con un poquito de esfuerzo spanish, pero esto ....muuuuuu
ya veo que haciendo amigos...kisss!!!

superpedaletos said...

Of course, this is the translation:
"Hasta pronto Superpedaletos, Indonesia nunca olvidara a unas personas tan maravillosas como vosotros. Suerte y Buen Pedal". Mas o menos, no teniamos tan pillada la lengua Acehnes como la Indonesia.